How Good Is Your Coffee Really?

Have you taken the time to consider how good your coffee really is? I'm not talking about the taste or aroma. I'm talking about how good your coffee is on the eco-friendliness scale. How good is your coffee for Our Earth?

Is your delicious and frothy Java contributing to waste that sits on top of landfills for years to come? Does the cup it's in, end up polluting our waterways and oceans? It tastes less good at the thought of that doesn't it?

It's estimated that only 21% of Nespresso pods get recycled every year. That means that billions of them are ending up on landfills. They take up to 500 years to breakdown and the recycling process for aluminium is a complex one. The capsules have to be shredded, the coffee has to be taken away with water, the varnish has to be burnt and the aluminium has to be re-smelted again. 

You know it's a serious issue when the former Nespresso chief executive Jean-Paul Gaillard himself issued statements saying that it is time for consumers to think very hard about the "price of convenience" and even wrote a letter to the brand ambassador, George Clooney, sharing his serious concerns. (He did not get a response).

Nespresso is just one brand with this issue, illy is another. Although they have set up a recycling program as well, from what we've heard, it doesn't necessarily work that seamlessly outside the United States and the estimated participation levels by customers is not high either.

Then you start to consider how many of us grab a quick coffee on the go. Which comes with plastic lids (sometimes cups and spoons too) and it's easy to see how this leads to an enormous part of the plastic pollution problem, given that over 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide daily.

As coffee lovers (and frankly somedays, coffee needers) we knew that finding eco-friendly alternatives for our product range was not an option and we're thrilled to say that not only did we succeed, but they're really good quality too.

We stock a selection of reusable coffee capsules that are compatible with popular machine brands.They are made from stainless steel which is 100% recyclable and, as it is not coated with any toxic material, it does not produce toxic run-off. 

Even if  the worst happens and stainless steel is not recycled and it does find its way to a landfill or disposal site, it will have no detrimental effect to the soil or groundwater. This means that you're not only saving the environment from capsules that end up on landfills, but you're also saving yourself money with every cup! Plus you feel like a barista when using them ;)

We have also found such a fantastic selection of reusable coffee mugs to suit everyone's styles and needs. From our funky bamboo styles, to those made from rice husk fibers and stainless steel. With handles and without. You'll definitely find a style and color that you'll love, and that you can reuse time and again.

So stock up on these eco-friendly alternatives and continue to enjoy your coffee... because nothing tastes better than a clear conscience.

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