Starting Your Plastic Free Journey

When we decided to start our Eco-Friendly store we were very adamant that while we wanted to appeal to as many Eco-Warriors as we possibly can, we want to be approachable. Especially to those just starting out on this journey.

We know that for a lot of people, terms like Plastic Free, Biodegradable, Zero Waste etc. are fairly new and many people are still getting to grips with understanding how they can apply these concepts practically to their daily lives, without it becoming too daunting (or expensive). 

There are many extremely dedicated people to this cause, who do go all out and have gone so far as to rid their cupboards and homes of all plastic packaging. While we certainly applaud them and give them kudos, we are here to tell you that if you haven't been at this for long, they are the Olympians of this movement and do not necessarily need to be the benchmark that you measure yourselves against.  

Going Plastic Free does not need to be about making drastic and overwhelming changes that are hard to adapt to and sustain long term. Even starting with small changes will have a positive impact and you can always build on these as you go along. In fact, we'd rather that you start small and become more and more aware of the choices you're making as a consumer, than go all out and not be able to integrate those changes into your daily routines effectively. 

Plastic Free July is a perfect way to start instituting some of the foundations into your home that you can build on more as time goes on. Here are our top 5 tips for easy ways to starting your Plastic Free journey:

  1. Refuse Single Use - this applies to plastic water bottles, coffee cups, plastic utensils, ice cream cups, straws, plastic bags. Invest in reusable options like reusable water bottles, coffee cups, drinking straws, shopping bags, gift bags and zip lock bags that come in stunning and funky designs to suit all personalities. That way you're in control of the cleanliness of these items that are going near your mouth too. Besides, ice cream is really yummy in a cone ;)
  2. Bamboo Brushes - bamboo is is an amazingly strong and versatile plant. It relies purely on natural rainfall to cultivate with no assistance from pesticides, herbicides or irrigation and is therefore a naturally Eco-friendly resource. In addition, bamboo produces up to 35% more oxygen than trees, thus helping to offset carbon-dioxide emissions. It can be used in a large variety of applications and is a very popular sustainable material. You should be replacing your toothbrush every 3 months according to dentists, so the next time your plastic toothbrush is due for a replacement, choose a bamboo toothbrush. Make up brushes also come in bamboo now which can be your next step.
  3. Food Containers & Plates - when needing lunch boxes, food containers, party plates or new kitchen ware, consider those made from renewable resources. Instead of using old plastic containers that are way past their sell-by date or plastic plates for events, use those made from Wheat Straw or Rice Fiber which are biodegradable and Kraft paper plates and wooden cutlery for events. These options look fantastic and come in a variety of designs to suit your kitchen color scheme and special occasion perfectly.
  4. Eco Phone Cover - we all have cell phones these days and most of us will have a protective cover of some sorts on it that we will replace every few months. Next time you need to replace yours, go for an eco-friendly option. There are stunning options available that are made from organic and recyclable materials. They come in both masculine and feminine designs and the quality is super.
  5. Micro Fiber Face Cloths - these towels can wipe away makeup, dirt and oil in just seconds, only using warm water. They are suitable for sensitive skin, are Eco-Friendly and cost-effective as you will have no need to use any other products to clean your face. As they're washable, they're reusable which is such a bonus.

These and many other Eco-Friendly products are available on our site. We look forward to walking this path with you and learning together :)


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