What's In Our Name?

Choosing a name for your business is not as easy as some might think. Especially when it's a business that you intend to have impact beyond just sales.

We realize that this may sound rather counter-productive to a sound business money-making strategy, but you see, we've had some pretty fantastic things happen in our little bubbles of existence and when you're fortunate like that, not only do you want to succeed, but you also want to pay it forward. So goal number one in choosing our name was that it had to be inclusive.

The second goal was a rather obvious one and that was that it had to represent our niche. We offer eco-friendly day-to-day products at reasonable prices as our passion is to do something to help our beautiful planet and help to combat the devastating effects of plastic pollution and global warming.

Lastly we knew we needed something that was also about accountability and making this a priority. That it is not about someone else fixing the problem of global warming or about waiting for “them” to clean up our oceans and forests. The time for standing by waiting for someone else to take action has passed. We all live on this beautiful planet - in fact, no matter how many differences we may have, Earth is the one thing we all have in common.

When we put those three goals together, it was easy to decide on Our Earth First. It’s not mine, it’s not yours... it’s OURS! Let’s work together to make healing and helping it a first priority!

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