Natural Rice Husk 3 Grid Children's Plate

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These 3-Grid separator plates from Husk's Ware are not only convenient, but Eco-Friendly too. They are made from rice husks fibers, so they do not contain any harmful chemicals, are anti-bacterial and are biodegradable. They come in 2 size options which is perfect for your growing child's needs. Husk's Ware advocates to protect the earth’s resources.

Temperature resistance: Withstand temperatures between -30°C to 120°C
Cleaning: Dishwasher safe or can be easily washed with a mild detergent
Heating: Can be used for microwave heating (not more than 3 minutes)
Material: rice husk fibers; plant starch 
Quantity: 1
Sizes:  Large- L230 x W267 x H27mm (suitable for 5-12 years old);
           Small- L196 x W229 x H26mm (suitable for 1-6 years old)  
Certification: EEC,CE / EU,SGS,CIQ,LFGB,FDA


Not to be used over fire baking\cooking and steaming;
Not recommend for prolonged soaking;
Use over the recommended temperatures and heavy impact may break the products;
Children use under adult supervision.