About Us

Our Earth First was started by our growing desire to do something to help our beautiful planet. The constant images of plastic pollution taking over our oceans and forests highlight the heart-wrenching suffering inflicted on the living entities that inhabit these areas. The danger this puts our fellow humans in, as well as the effects of global warming on our planet, are devastating. We see and feel these negative effects in our daily lives too in the erratic, and often dangerous, weather patterns.

We have seen in our own communities that even the smallest changes are a positive start. They are so easy to make and the ripple effect of these changes can be huge. We know that many people care but don't know where to start, or think that greener, environmentally friendly options are more expensive.

By offering products that are more eco-friendly at reasonable prices and by donating 5% per item sold to global environmental charities, our hope is that more and more people will become Eco-Warriors and join us in putting OUR EARTH FIRST.