Husk's Ware Happy Husks Set - 5 pcs

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This darling Husk's Ware dinnerware set is sure to make mealtime fun. It stacks up for storage into a Happy Husk! It is Eco-Friendly as Husk's Ware is made from biodegradable rice husk fibers. It contains no toxins, is anti-bacterial and is very easy to clean. Each set consists 5 pieces. They come in different variants of facial expression colors. Your child will love it and so will you. 

Temperature resistance: Withstand temperatures between -30°C to 120°C
Cleaning: Dishwasher safe or can be easily washed with a mild detergent
Heating: Can be used for microwave heating (not more than 3 minutes)
Material: rice husk fibers; plant starch; food grade silicone  
Contains: Cup, deep bowl, shallow bowl, spoon, fork (dimensions in picture)
Certification: CE / EU,SGS,CIQ,LFGB,FDA 
Not to be used over fire baking\cooking and steaming;
Not recommend for prolonged soaking;
Use over the recommended temperatures and heavy impact may break the products;
Children use under adult supervision. 

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