Recaps Refillable Stainless Steel Coffee Capsules for Nespresso Machines - 3

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These high quality reusable, refillable stainless steel capsules are compatible with Nespresso original line machines. Now you can enjoy your coffee without worrying about your single-use pods ending up on landfills and contributing to the terrible pollution problem. Not only will they save the environment, but they'll save you money too and allow you to choose your coffee flavor. 

Features: Reusable, Eco-Friendly, allows for personalized coffee flavor selection, cost-effective,

Size: Top diameter: 38mm, Bottom diameter: 22mm, Height: 20mm

Compatible with:
-U & Umilk
-Lattissima & Lattissma+
-CitiZ & CitiZ Milk
-Gran Maestria & Maestria
-Le Cube

Not Compatible with:
-Nesspress Vertuoline
-Essenza & Essenza Krups
-Dolce Gusto
-Nespresse Essenza C100
-Nespresso Krups CITIZ TYPE XN 7006


3 x Capsules  
120 x Aluminum Espresso Lid 
1 x Tamper  
1 x Coffee Scoop  

1 x Brush  


Step 1: Fill the Capsule with Coffee. Press Down a Little, But Do Not Pack It hard. Packing It Too Hard, Or Using Too Fine A Grind Could Block The Water From Going Through The Capsule.
Step 2: Cover The Capsule With The Aluminium Lid And Snap It Closed All Around. Clean the Excess Coffee From The Surface Using The Brush.
Step 3: Put the Capsule in Your Nespresso Espresso Brewer. Position It So That The Hinged Part of The Capsule is Facing up.
Step 4: Brew As Usual

It is important to experiment with the correct amount of coffee. We recommend about 5 to 7g/spoon. Also pay attention to the grind. Try a few times to find the correct consistency as it can neither be too coarse nor too fine.

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